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Welcome to P3 Diagnostics

P3 Diagnostics, LLC (“P3”) serves to foster the business development of technology created under the direction of Benjamin Larimer, PhD, and The Larimer Lab.

Current Projects
In March 2020, Dr. Larimer sought to utilize his knowledge of peptides to develop a method of antibody detection for COVID-19 in the human body. In July 2020, a provisional patent was issued.

There are many participants in this testing environment, but our technology is different. This is because rather than using widely available antigens to capture antibodies, Larimer has used his technology to map exactly where a patient's antibodies bind to COVID19. This precision provides a type of “facial recognition” that will maximize sensitivity and specificity, when the rest of the industry is using satellite imaging to identify COVID19 immunity.

P3, in conjunction with Larimer and the University of Alabama-Birmingham, is exploring the different paths which can bring this assay to market most efficiently to create value for those who need an accurate at-home antibody test.

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Meet Our Team

Chris is a Co-Founder of P3 Diagnostics LLC and serves on its Board of Managers as CEO. Chris has served in numerous financial and operating positions within portfolio companies of private equity sponsors.

Christopher Paule

Ben is a Co-Founder of P3 Diagnostics LLC and serves on its Board of Managers as Chief Science Officer.

Dr. Benjamin Larimer

Joe is a Co-Founder of P3 Diagnostics, LLC and serves on its Board of Managers. He is the Principal at Management Support Solutions LLC, a Human Resources consulting company.

F.H. "Joe" Gay

Meet Our Advisors

Eric Lee
Board of Managers

Eric has been involved in P3 Diagnostics since its pre-formation discussions, and he currently serves on the Board of Managers in a director and non-attorney advisory role. Eric is an experienced attorney, advisor, and director with a diverse background ranging from military service to Chief Legal Officer. His current roles outside of P3 include Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Data Privacy Officer, Corporate Secretary, and board roles for a multinational company, as well as board roles for other for-profit and not-for-profit companies. Throughout his career, he has served as a lead advisor for founders, family offices, public and private boards, CEOs, CLOs, management teams, operating partners, and others throughout the corporate lifecycle. He brings a practical approach to growth and development and overall management based on a solid understanding of operational and commercial requirements.

You can learn more about Eric here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sericlee/

Dr. Garima Arvikar

Dr. Garima Arvikar is a protein engineer currently working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the laboratory of Dr. Benjamin Larimer. Garima received her PhD in biochemistry from The University of Alabama in Dec 2015. Following completion of her degree, she held a postdoctoral fellowship at McMaster University in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Brown where she worked antimicrobial drug discovery. Her current research focuses on the discovery and engineering of novel single domain antibodies for targeted cancer therapy using phage display technology.

Mike Larimer

Mike is an advisor and key contributor to the phage analysis. He is a multidimensional database expert with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. He holds an MBA from Illinois State University.



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